PAACO Membership Information

The membership of PAACO is open to all interested persons or organizations. The membership provides input to the Board of Directors, and many members volunteer time for fundraising activities, tutoring, and mentoring. For additional information, call 719-557-2306. Download Application Here. Also become a PAACO board member by completing the following application. Download Application Here.

PAACO Endowment Fund

In 2001, PAACO established a new Endowment Fund for the purpose of increasing its fund raising efforts. This Endowment Fund will allow PAACO to receive gifts from donors who wish to support and contribute to the goals of the organization by raising scholarship funds for minority students in the Pueblo community who pursue a college education. Learn More Click Here.

PAACO Mentorship Program

We can all remember those mentors in our lives, who opened opportunities for us, who warned us of potential pitfalls, and who encouraged us to continue even in the face of hardship. They were trusted counselors and guides who made an investment in us, and we looked to them for guidance. They helped us form our identities. Learn More Click Here.

Pueblo African American Concern Organization